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Home Robot: Rise of the Fadbot

“The third batch of 1,000 Pepper sold out within one minute again on Saturday, August 29th. The next sale is scheduled at 10am on Sept. 26 on the Softbank corporate website. We are very pleased with this very promising start.”
Aldebaran Newsletter, September 2015

Are home robots just a passing fad? Things come and go. The latest must-have invention may be in great demand when it first appears, but will it have staying power? Remember the Apple iPod? The peak year for worldwide sales was 2008 when almost 55 million were sold. By 2014 sales had dropped to “just” 14 million. Of course that’s not bad, but other things have taken their place.

Mobile phones, iPads and other tablet devices have gradually taken over from iPods as technology has advanced. However there is now talk of the iPad boom coming to an end.

Should we think of home robots in the same technological field? Are they going to be just a fad? Admittedly it is only the beginning, but are robot sales going to peak and then just drop off year by year when something else comes along to interest those members of the general public with disposable income?

Rise of the Fadbot

The majority of robots available, or soon to be available, are really only just toys with a few useful functions. Those functions could easily be supplied by desktop computers. The present-day Fadbot will not take away the jobs that need to be done each and every day in the home.

If I was going to spend a lot of money on a robot, I would want it to do more than chat to me, even if it was trying to cheer me up. My ideal home robot would go round tidying up the house, perhaps a bit of light dusting. My robot would also be able to clean the windows, take the rubbish out, weed the garden, clean and polish the car.

I think that the robots we will be able to buy over the next two or three years are just Fadbots. They will be looked at in the museums of the future and children will ask why they were so basic.

The potential income for major companies, such as Apple and Google, from robots that can be classed as proper modern domestic servants, is so great that when sales of the initial Fadbots begin to decline, new, and truly useful robots will take their places. But will it be harder for the big companies to sell their domestic servant robots after people have become bored with their Fadbots?

Lucy Black, writing on i-programmer, 7th September, has much the same view as me:

What is it about social robots that makes them so attractive? The latest is Buddy as its Indegogo campaign is coming to a close with over $500,000 pledged – 500% over the inital goal. I don’t know about you, but I want a robot to help with the chores not the chats. But I seem to be in a minority if the recent crowd funding of Jibo and Buddy are anything to go by. A social robot is one that is designed to interact with humans and be “helpful” in ways that are not particularly tangible. The robot might take a photo, or remind you of an appointment,or play you some music, but it won’t physically interact with the world which means it cannot bring you a drink or load the dishwasher.

The above-mentioned Indegogo campaign actually closed at a massive 618% funded – $617,830 raised in just two months. The first Buddy robots will ship next year.

Here is what Buddy’s inventors have to say: “Open source and easy to use, Buddy protects your home, entertains your kids, and helps you stay connected with the ones you love.”

Will the families of the future, with their domestic servant robots, feel like the folks upstairs at Downton Abbey? Will their robots be dressed in traditional Edwardian servants’ clothes?

I would love to have some kind of sponsorship for this Blog. Sadly, by announcing that all the robots available to buy are just Fadbots, I have probably just shot myself in the foot.

Your comments and views on this topic would be most welcome.


When can I have a Jeevesbot?

With apologies to Stephen Fry

When I began this blog back in July, it was intended as a way of collecting together reports of progress towards the day in which I get something like a ‘Jeevesbot’, my own personal robot butler. I hope to own one that is very similar in fact to the wonderful portrayal of that character by Stephen Fry.

I have a rather strange desire to be just like Bertie Wooster, but without the pressure of constantly becoming engaged by accident to girls that I had no wish to marry. Jeevesbot could clean my shoes, wash the windows, and bring me a whisky and soda on a silver tray.

My collection of interesting items on this blog also includes many historic robots which I hope you find as interesting as I do. On the subject of you, I would really like to hear from you. When do you think I will get my Jeevesbot . . . if ever? Feel free to comment on this blog.

Do you think that my Jeevesbot will be made by Google, or are Apple using their billions of Dollars in surplus cash to develop a robot in total secrecy? One year I am sure that Apple will present their robot to an amazed audience at one of their annual presentations. However, I think there is a chance that he will look far more like the late Steve Jobs than Stephen Fry (even though he is perhaps the biggest Apple fan in the world).

I almost met Stephen Fry at an Apple Show in London many years ago. At that particular show a company were demonstrating what was later to become ‘Quicktime’, Apple’s video software. They had a chair set up where you could sit and be recorded saying something to camera. I said my name and that I was reporting from the Apple Show. I was then presented with a floppy disk containing my recording. Just before I went on to the next stand, they said that I would never guess who sat in the chair just before me . . . Stephen Fry. Sadly, I hadn’t even noticed him!

On the left is a chart that us bloggers have access to when we go into the back end of our blog. It shows where all the visitors to this blog have come from in the last four months. This is quite fascinating to me. I would love to know who the people were that visited this blog from the Ukraine. Please get in touch.