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Collecting movie stills – 4 – Superman


SupermanRobotHeadThis rather unconvincing robot appeared in the TV series Adventures of Superman in an episode entitled The Runaway Robot. The series began filming in 1951 and was first broadcast in 1952. This still is taken from episode 17 of the first series. The entire episode can be viewed on YouTube, but there is a small charge to watch it. The series’ introduction titles and music can be watched below. The role of Superman was played by American actor George Reeves (1914-1958).

An eccentric staff correspondent of the Daily Planet, Horatio, brings his latest invention, an electronically controlled robot, to town. It falls into the hands of robbers who put it to work looting the First National Bank in the Superman adventure thriller, “The Runaway Robot.” Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Horatio need the help of Clark Kent as Superman when they try to stop the uncontrollable electric man.

There is, apparently, a rather strange ‘Superman curse’ which has affected actors involved in the various Superman TV shows and films over the years. It seems to have started with George Reeves who died of a gunshot wound in mysterious circumstances (officially suicide). The similarly named actor Christopher Reeve, who played superman in the four film series from 1978 to 1987, was paralysed from the neck down after a horse riding accident. Many more supposed victims of the curse can be read about here: Superman curse.


Collecting movie stills – 3 – Lost in Space

OK, I know this version of Lost in Space wasn’t actually a movie, it was a television series . . . but it sits rather nicely in my collection, and there is some interesting connected trivia to read below. The show ran for three seasons, with 83 episodes in total, between 1965 and 1968. Here we see the robot, who was the star of the show for me, with young actors Angela Cartwright (as Penny Robinson) and Billy Mumy (as Will Robinson).

Angela Cartwright was born in Altrincham, Cheshire, England in 1956. She is perhaps best known as a child actress for her role as Brigitta Von Trapp in the film The Sound of Music (1965).

In 1998, Angela made a cameo appearance as a Reporter (number two) in the film Lost in Space. She still works as an actress today, alongside her successful career as a photographer. Official website.

Billy Mumy, known as Bill today, was born in the USA in 1954. He works as an actor, voice over artist and musician.

He occasionally still goes into space, and doesn’t get lost any more. For example, from 1994 to 1998 he appeared as Lennier in the TV series Babylon 5, and in 1998 he played the part of Kellin in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Official website.

Angela and Bill have been working on a book together which will be out soon, entitled Lost (And Found) in Space, which includes 200 pages of personal remembrances of their years filming the series, and is packed with rare and never before seen photographs. Book website.

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There will be a 50th anniversary reunion for four of the Lost in Space stars on 23rd to 25th October, 2015 at Chiller Theatre. Official website.