Collecting movie stills – 2 – Lois January

Lois January (above with robot friend) was born in Texas in 1912. Her mini biography can be read here on IMDB. Despite the appearance of the above photograph, she was actually uncredited in this production – The Vanishing Shadow (1934) – in which she appears with the robot. Lois played the part of a Secretary to one of the main characters. Interestingly, Lee J. Cobb had his first part in The Vanishing Shadow, also uncredited, appearing as a Roadwork Foreman.

A still frame from episode one

The Vanishing Shadow was a 12-episode serial. The robot in the photograph appears in the first episode (right), and I believe that the entire serial can be viewed on YouTube (episode one appears at the foot of this Blog entry).

At least two more publicity photographs of Lois January from The Vanishing Shadow are available for collectors to find, and eBay is a good starting point.

Lois January’s other roles include that of a manicurist (uncredited) in The Wizard of Oz, heroine of several Western films, and an actress who appeared in many well known American TV series from the 1950s to the 1970s. She died in 2006 at the age of 93.


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