Robots at home: we want them!

Pepper for sale in Japan

The first 1,000 Pepper robots sold out in just 60 seconds

Channel 4 UK’s new series Humans seems to be trying to scare people into thinking that home robots are dangerous (although it is a good programme!). But if there was ever any doubt that consumers would buy robots to have in their homes, it was totally dispelled this week when Softpress made the following announcement in Japan:

1,000 ‘Pepper’ Units Sell Out in a Minute
June 20, 2015
SoftBank Robotics Corp. today announced that 1,000 units of ‘Pepper’, the world’s first personal robot that has its own emotions, sold out in one minute, and that orders are no longer being taken. Additional sales of Pepper are scheduled to be announced on SoftBank’s website in July.

Next year, sales of Pepper will go worldwide. It certainly looks like they’re onto a winner, and with great promotional videos like the one below, uploaded to YouTube this month, I would not be at all surprised if sales went through the roof and beyond! One day we will all have robots at home, and they will be as common as a television set.

Pepper will cost about £1,000 to buy, followed by 36 payments equivalent to about £125 a month including insurance. I wonder which company will be next on the market with a similar product?


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