Collecting movie stills – 1 – Robby with Anne Francis

Signed photograph of Anne Francis and Robby the robotAn interesting and fairly inexpensive collection can be made by purchasing photographs produced by film companies to advertise their movies. I have purchased a few photos on eBay, but I think that most of mine are modern photographs copied from the originals, or printed recently from the original negatives. You have to be careful not to buy modern images which have been printed from scanned computer files because the quality will not be as good as real photographs processed onto photographic paper.

A more expensive collecting area is signed photographs such as the one shown here. Robby, from the movie Forbidden Planet (1956), one of the most famous of the big screen robots, is shown here with Anne Francis (who seems to always be described as “leggy”, and for good reason!).

Poster for the film Forbidden PlanetPRICES
There are a large number of signed photographs of Miss Francis as you will find if you search online, and the price varies enormously. In the lower region, about $10 plus delivery, but you can find signed photos for as high as US$900 – for example, try searching here. Perhaps the signatures are easy to forge, so be careful not to pay too much if you are unsure.

Kodak text on back of photographMy photograph is signed “To Mary at the Roger Smith – Best Anne Francis”, and the handwriting appears to be the same as in other signed photos found online (see gallery below). I realise that this is certainly no guarantee of authenticity, but my purchase price was low – it was a lucky eBay purchase of less than US$10 plus delivery from the USA. The photographic paper itself appears to be old (it could well be 60 years old) and has text printed on the back in a repeating pattern which says “THIS PAPER MANUFACTURED BY KODAK”.

Below is a selection of other signed photographs that I found while searching online.

What better way to end than with the trailer to Forbidden Planet?


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