Modbot – the ultimate robot building block

Modbot, founded by Adam Ellison and Daniel Pizzata in Australia, is now a San Francisco based modular robotics company. Modbot begins with a set of fundamental building blocks for building robots, inspired by the Lego system.

Here is an explanation from their website

“By revisiting robotics from first principles we realised all robots are essentially built from the same basic parts. A servo, a joint and a link. For a robot to be useful it needs powerful and precise motion. Modbot provides this in its integrated servo. The Modbot servo provide high quality motion control at a consumer price. Using it along with the other Modbot items, you can build any robot you can think up.”

Modbot is not all technospeak, have a look at their teaser video, it is the perfect item to follow my previous blog entry that had predictions from the 1950s! The video was originally produced when Adam and Daniel began a crowd funding campaign.

But what does it really look like? Well it’s early days, but the company is hoping to go into production this year . . . and they won’t be producing the cardboard box robot (sadly). The next video is from the very early days of Modbot, when they had produced just one unit, but you can clearly see the potential.

Finally, a video from September last year (I know that is a long time ago in robotic development!) where we see the progress that has been made. I hope to be able to show more here soon.


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