Spot – an amazing robotic dog

I have to share this amazing video from Boston Dynamics (a Google owned company) which shows “Spot”, the latest development in their Big Dog range of robots. The first Big Dog appeared in 2005 and was powered by a GoKart engine making it rather heavy and very noisy. Spot, the latest version is electrically powered, smaller and lighter as you will see from the video.

Make sure you see the text at the end of the video, it is quite reassuring because no matter how much you tell yourself that it is just a machine, you will feel sorry for the “Dog” when it is kicked . . . especially in the outdoor sequence where it struggles to retain its balance, and amazingly succeeds.

I can’t help wondering how long it will be before we see Big Dog races, perhaps with human riders! Maybe OAPs will have a Big Dog to carry their shopping? And how about a Big Dog suitcase . . . a suitcase with legs that walks out to the plane, and comes to find you in the airport arrivals?


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