There’s an Edison in my kitchen

As previously reported on this Blog, my Edison arrived last month. It takes four AAA batteries so I purchased a couple of sets of rechargeables from 7DayShop which work perfectly in the robot, and arrived fully charged.

The video below shows Edison exploring my kitchen, with a couple of Lego passengers, straight from the box – all I did was add the batteries, tyres, switch it on, and press the start button. Incidentally, I don’t think my fingers are particularly stubby, but the on-off switch on the bottom of the robot is very small and tricky to use. To turn it to the off position I had to use a knife blade which is not really advisable! I must find a small plastic tool to do this.

I have downloaded the program “EdWare version 0.9.8 for Mac” and also the free pdf book “Your EdVenture into Robotics – You’re a Programmer” from the Meet Edison website, but have not tried my hand at programming yet. Watch out for the next progress report here.


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