Hong Kong robot: “Attention, this is not a toy”

I took delivery from Hong Kong yesterday (via eBay) of a new robot. Made in China, this little fellow arrived in good condition despite the damage to his box (which was just wrapped in a plastic bag).

I’m not sure what the postage cost is from Japan to the UK, but the ‘buy it now’ price on eBay was just £3.79, including delivery!

The box, which just about arrived in one piece, has just three lines of text printed on it – ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT A TOY. FOR ADULT COLLECTORS ONLY and also MADE IN CHINA.

Standing at just under five inches tall and made of metal, the robot is supplied with a key to wind his clockwork motor. He must be based on a very early toy because the image on his front clearly shows a bank of three valves. This is a pre-transistor machine.

It is amazing that it is possible to make a profit from something that is made out of metal and mailed across the world for such a small price.

No doubt Hong Kong is the country that will supply the world with full-size intelligent robots in a few years time, and for a very reasonable price. I just hope that we don’t have to wind them up…

For a brief history of toy robots, click here (What is a Robot?).

And here’s another link, click here (Rick’s Robots and Stuff).


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