Robby the Robot prop replica

Before you get too excited, I must say that all these wonderful life-size replicas are sold out . . . even though they cost $9,999.99 each (SRP). What a talking point to have in your living room! I wonder how many they sold, and are there any photos of them in their new homes? There are many more photos on the Sideshow Collectibles website – CLICK HERE.

Fred Barton Productions

After finding out that all the Robby replicas were sold out, I continued searching and found the website for Fred Barton Productions – CLICK HERE. On this site you can still buy a life-size Robby. In fact there are three different editions beginning with the Special Edition at just $19,995, the Collectors Edition at $26,495, and then the bargain Deluxe Edition at $33,495 ! Where’s my credit card?

The YouTube clip below is a promotional film introducing Robby (the original Robby) to future viewers of the film Forbidden Planet.


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