Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Back in 2011, the National Geographic reported that domestic robots were keeping busy at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). “One makes toast, while the appropriately attired bot at right waits to deliver the toast to a human. At left, a third robot tests technology for navigating through a house, controlled by the movements of the researcher in the baseball cap.” For copyright reasons I haven’t scanned the pic from the magazine, but I think you can imagine it. The “appropriately attired bot” is wearing a white dress with a pink apron.

Perhaps now, three years on, the robots have perfected their teamwork and may even be able to walk without the support of the ‘hanger on wheels’ that seems to be keeping them balanced.

The most recent news story that I can find on the KIST website about their robotics work is from 24th December, 2013: Education for Handicapped Children, “Here Comes Robot Jjang!”

The 2011 National Geographic began by asking a question: “Robots are being created that can think, act, and relate to humans. Are we ready?”


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