More progress for the robots

Exciting times in the world of robots as R2, the robot on the International Space Station finally gets his (or her?) legs, and Dyson hopes to clean up (sorry) with its new Robot vacuum cleaner.

R2, or Robonaut, who has been waiting a long time for his legs, will sadly have to wait a little while longer as mobility tests aren’t scheduled to begin until November. It is hoped that future versions of R2 may be able to accompany the astronauts on space walks, or handle tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for humans. Thank goodness they didn’t call him Hal. Read more.

Dyson have been working on their new 360 Eye for the past 14 years. It will be launched in Japan in the early part of 2015, at a price which has yet to be announced. According to the BBC website, Nick Schneider, a design engineer at Dyson acknowledged that “the new machine remained less powerful than his company’s plug-in-and-push models, meaning it would take longer to do a big clean.” He also said “We’re a way off in terms of comparing it to our corded machines.” Read more.

What I want to know is when the Dyson will be fitted with legs so that it can Hoover (oops, sorry) the stairs!


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