I, Robot – The Illustrated Screenplay

I have just purchased a second hand copy of I, Robot – the illustrated screenplay by Harlan Ellison and Isaac Asimov from Abe books. Here is a link to the copies that are available now. My copy, which is in good condition, was priced at just £7.21 including delivery to the UK from the USA!

The back cover describes it as “The greatest science fiction movie never made!”, and goes on to say:

“For more than 25 years, numerous attempts were made to adapt Isaac Asimov’s classic story-cycle, ‘I, Robot’, to the motion picture medium. All efforts failed. The magical, memorable tales of mechanized servitors with positronic brains, and the ways in which such amazing creations would forever alter human society through the justly famous Three Laws of Robotics, defied the most cunning efforts of scenarists and filmmakers.

“At last, producers approached the multiple-award-winning author Harlan Ellison to take a crack at this ‘impossible’ project. Ellison accepted the challenge and produced an astonishing screenplay that Asimov felt would be ‘The first really adult, complex, worthwhile science fiction movie ever made.’

“Now, for the first time, that screenplay is presented in book format, brought to scintillating life by the illustrations of exciting new artist mark Zug. In the introduction by Harlan Ellison, you will learn what happened to ‘I, Robot’ and why it never reached the screen. Then you decide: is this not the greatest science fiction movie never made?”


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