Instant photo of Banksy robot on eBay

Even if, like many people, you think of graffiti as vandalism, you have to admit that the mysterious Banksy does have a great talent as well as a sense of humour. If you are lucky enough to have something on your property ‘vandalised’ by Banksy, you are on to a winner. It will become instantly valuable. It seems that even an instant photograph of a Banksy work, taken before it was either removed to a private collection or covered up to protect it, has a value. The instant photograph shown here was put up for sale on eBay this year, starting at US$29.99. The art appeared on Coney Island on 28th October 2013, soon afterwards it was covered with a protective metal door, and the owner of the building was offered a fortune if he sold it, but how do you sell a wall?

In October last year Banksy intended to create one new piece on the streets of New York each day for the month. The video below explains it as much as possible! See also and New York Village Voice.

For more on Banksy, take a look at the Banksy page which also has work by the artist available to purchase:


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