Edison – my first “real” robot

Over the years I have collected a few Robots ranging from clockwork toy tin replicas to the tiny Lego robot shown here, but none of them actually do much (well not whilst I’m looking anyway). So when I saw a Kickstarter campaign for a programmable robot called Edison, I couldn’t resist! In just five days, the campaign started by Australian robot creator Brenton O’Brien has raised his initial target of A$20,000. With delivery from Australia to the UK, my own Edison will set me back the princely sum of A$49 (about £27), but for that I understand that I will be able to program the little devil from my Apple computer, downloading the operating instructions via a USB cable then off he will go.

Brenton’s aim is to get the Edison into schools, but he does say (luckily) that it is for adults too.

Now I’ll have to get up in the loft and find the Lego bricks that my children grew out of many years ago . . . I haven’t grown up yet, and don’t intend to.

Edison is Lego compatible. Keep an eye on these pages for more on Edison as Brenton enters the production phase. Delivery is due around December if all goes well, and once the campaign raises A$30,000 a free e-book will be available too.

Read more on Brenton O’Brien’s website.


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